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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tall Hair and Ruffles

First sketch in 2010!  This is a sketch inspired by the costumes in the movies Marie Antoinette and The Dutchess.  I might finish it one of these days!


  1. I want to know what happen with your futuristic piece? Did you finish to color it?

  2. The futuristic piece is still just about finished. I've been taking a long break on it, but I hope to finish it up soon ^__~!

  3. I think your futuristic piece would be the first amasing big piece of 2010! Can wait to see it!

  4. ^__^ Thank you! I'm glad that you like it and I'm looking forward to finishing it!

  5. Really lovely concept, can just imagine it finished! :)

  6. Hi, michelle!

    long time no hear from.good to see that you are still at it!
    are you working any studios right now?


  7. Lovely Art :o nice to see you drawing still Mich X) ~

  8. I'm sooooo happy to see a sketchblog from you!! I hope you will update it often! ^-^
    *happy happy happy*

  9. hello! srry but my english is bad... my name is juan carlos, i`m from argentina... i want to took whit you about yours creations...

    mi e-mail is or ...please help me! thank you!

  10. What happen girl! any update about 4 month now! DD= I miss you so much! ;_________________;

    Did you make commissions?

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  12. All wonderful i really enjoyed my stay here and wish to come back again... loved all the stuff