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Thursday, July 23, 2009

More WIP

Getting further on the colors =D. I'm getting ideas for more art featuring this character, and I really want to bring back my other original character, Iris!


  1. Her expression is coming along in a good way :D

    You should draw her and Iris together (even though I figure they're not from the same universe XD). I miss Iris as well! What happened to that picture of her you were working on, the one you posted lineart of? With starfish and unicorn horns.

  2. I'm agree with Dona, draw her with Iris! Like a Fantasy x Futuristic style combine together =3

    Love the eye by the way!

  3. Thanks! That's an awesome idea! I definitely will consider drawing them together =D! It would be fun to maybe put Iris in a futuristic version of her fantasy outfit!

    I was working on a color version of that Iris piece with the starfish and unicorn horns but never finished it. But I do have plans for more new Iris art =D!

  4. Thank you =3! That sounds like such a fun idea to draw her and Iris together! I definitely will consider doing a piece like that =D!

  5. Eeeek, it's so goregous! T^T Very very beautiful!! I just ADORE her face, and the

    Oooohh I would LOVE to see such a piece!! ;_; I love Iris very very much and I think the two together would be amazing!~
    (This is me being selfish...ish, but I really do hope you also bring back some other characters you've created as well--- Like Noon, Autumn, Rain, Midnight.... I miss them, Noon especially D: Buttt that's just me. XD; )

  6. It's going great!!!I really can't wait to see the finished version!!!
    But i have 3 little questions:
    1-Will this cute character have a Background?
    2-Where's the final work gonna be posted?
    3-Would it be ok if you also posted some of your old sketches?I'm kinda curious. :3

  7. i would love to see you bring Iris back.
    as for this character, she's coming out nicely, especially the hair ^_^

  8. Your work is great!
    I want to make a question for you. I belong to a group of people who likes to play with PSP (Paint Shop Pro) and would like to know if you give us permission to use your beautiful drawns in our experiences.

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  10. You are an artist, we are just image players, but will love to use some of your sensational work.
    Oh, and what we do? Just siggies, tubes, tags and some like that. Non-profit of curse, just personal use.

  11. =) Thank you, I'm glad you like how she's coming so far! I would love to bring back Noon Autunn, Midnight and Rain one day! It's been so long since I've done anything with my Pheerai characters =3.

  12. Thank you =)! I'm planning on putting this character on solid white, with maybe a symbol/design behind her, and will post the finished version on deviantART and eventually my website and maybe some other online art communities. I might post some of my older sketches if I can dig them up =)!

  13. Thank you =) I'm glad you like how she is coming out! I hope I can finish her up soon!

  14. You're welcome to use my work for your sigs, tubes, tags, etc, as long as it is for personal use only. I also ask that I be given credit for the original artwork =).

  15. Before, I said I would love to see a cross-over fantasy/futuristic picture of your lovely characters . Why I want this is because I never see you draw a picture with more than one characther! I think it would be a good idea to do it!

    By the way, I like the fact that you are very close to your fan on your blog and take the time to respond to everyone =3 I know on DA that can be different with all your thousand or fan XD

    It would be so awesome if you post more older skecth because the way you skecth is unique =3

    I wish the day you make a artbook :P of your work lol

  16. ....Just noticed something. o0o Did you tilt her head back a bit?? :0

    (Never finished my comment from before, oops. lol I meant to say that the hair looks stunning and I love how it's layered.)

  17. First and foremost, I'd like to compliment you on your wonderful work. You used to have online permission on your website but today I visited it and couldnt find it.

    I'm an administrator of a PSP group called PSP Showdown, we are a complete copyright aware and safe group. I'm writing you this e-mail to obtain permission for me and for our group the use of your artwork in the following manner:

    1 - Signature tags, for these we take your art, or the main image of a piece of your art and add a new background, maybe some animation, and a signature name.

    2 - We are also asking for permission to create TUBES of your images, this is explained as taking the main image of your art and cropping it from the background, and then placing it on a background we create using filters.

    3 - Web sets, we use the artwork to create web pages within our group, backgrounds, buttons, & banners.

    In all the above mentioned works we create, we will provide a copyright "stamp" that will have your name and your web address legible on each piece we create.That may look like so:
    ©Artist Name plus your url.

    I am only asking for use of your work for me personally and to be able to use your artwork within our group, members may not use it outside the group without writing you themselves and getting personal permission.

    If you would like to check the group out here is the address: (You need to register with Yuku in order to access the page)

    Feel free to visit the group at anytime.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this. If you grant me and our group permission, it will be greatly appreciated.

    If you do let us have permission, please indicate what copyright information you want on our tags.

    Thank You,

    PSP Showdown