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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Art Commissions Frequently Asked Questions

Commission FAQ

(Last Updated: April 4, 2024) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How can I contact you for commissions and pricing? - You can email me at ( to inquire about commissions and pricing.

Do you have examples of high quality art commissions that are available? - Yes, I offer: (full color, pencil & line art) and (portraits, mid lengths & full bodies) - Examples below:

Do you work in anime/manga style?
- Yes, I offer commissions of anime and manga style characters.

Do you draw furry/anthropomorphic art? - Yes, I offer this type of art for commission.

Can you do original characters?
- Yes, I can do artwork of your original characters.

Do you draw comic book characters for commission? - Yes, I offer commissions for these types of characters.

Can you paint realistic portraits, celebrities, and me and my pets? - Yes, I offer realistic art, ex: movie characters, celebrities, you, your pets, and animals.

Can you paint a succubus? - Yes, I can paint a succubus for commission.
Can you paint a kitsune, maid dress, or gothic lolita? - Yes, I offer commissions of fox girls and fox boys, and characters wearing all kinds of fancy dresses.

Do you offer male characters? - Yes, I offer commissions of all types of characters.

What art tools do you use for your artwork?
- The art tool brands that I use are: Adobe, Wacom, and Copic

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  1. Oh my lawd~
    You color ungodly fast! O__O
    How do you do it?!
    And it looks SO AMAZING!!!
    Wonderful!! <3 She is a very beautiful character!

  2. You need to show us a day how you proced! You are so fast! =DD

    I'm happy you enjoy drawing this piece ;P
    Don't get bored we wanna see the final result =3

    go! go! go! :P

  3. The colours are so adorable <333

  4. Love the colors!You were right about them!
    And i kinda agree with you.Her eyes should be more closed,like calm-like. x3

    and do you color the outlines on the hair?If so,you're like and expert!:D
    I mean,for you,is it hard?